The Missing Tracks

"This release from 2005 offers 35 minutes of experimental music. The music on this multi-instrumental release is quite diverse, eluding any overall codification.

The first track embodies a soothing tension with breathing machinery fronted by dancing chimes. Comparable to musique concrete colliding with Philip Glass. With the second track, the music takes a more conventional turn, with hesitantly strummed guitar, subliminal bass and pensively performed keyboards. Electric guitar erupts with a searing repetitious outcry, lending heat to the chilling expressions. The third piece begins with cyclic tonalities ringing from a remote altitude. Haunting textures creep in from subterranean depths, like lost spirits seeking the light. The fourth track utilizes sparse guitar notes in conjunction with cymbal crashes and a forlorn violin that grows increasingly agitated as the piece progresses. Cacophonic saxophones provide a unifying influence. Dreamy atmosphere ushers in the last track, leading the way for flickering diodes whose chirping fuses congeniality and portentous implications. A softly swaying string section enters the mix gradually, saturating the tune with a mounting drama.

Combining elements of psychedelic jazz, contemporary electronics and classical music, European composer Verplanken has produced a wonderful dose of modern music that is engaging and mesmerizing. The minimal nature of the pieces only serve to focus their emotional content".

(Sonic Curiosity - USA)


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