"The Missing Tracks" is an album very much in the instrumental Psychedelic wave, yet also near to Ambient. Verplanken's style shows his peculiar personal technique. A great amount of imagination pervades the entire album. The music is enigmatic, nocturnal, oneiric. A definite tendency towards the cosmic and the mysterious pervades the whole work. Hopefully, "The Missing Tracks" will allow him to cross some frontiers and his music will come to be more widely known. No doubt he deserves so. (Amazing Sounds - SPAIN)

An ambient journey to the center of emotion and thought, “The Missing Tracks” is often not missing much of anything. “Voyage” begins the sonic adventure with a soaring and creeping dark electronic ambience that continues to build and build to a crescendo. “On the Edge” features the guitar and casts aside gentrification by allowing for an almost New Age progressive rock merger. The remainder of the album is a dark reminder that contemporary music is a yawn when compared to delightful abstracts like “The Missing Tracks”. ( - USA)


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