The compositions are elaborate, sometimes sophisticated, but always deep and intense. The opening track "Voyage" propels the listener strait away into a space odyssey where enchantment and anguish rival in intensity.

"On The Edge" bluntly brings the listener back to a reality full of doubts and uncertainties that are generated by talkative and obsessive guitars whereas the magnificent and enthralling choirs of "Island" bring some salutary but precarious relief and serenity. "Looking For The Sun" puts an end to the peaceful atmosphere with clamorous and insistent saxophones that create a new disturbing and disorienting climate.

From the very beginning, the album is filled with underlying tension that comes at its height in tracks 2 & 4 and finally has no choice but to retreat before getting to the highlight track of the album: the gorgeous and mesmerizing "Welcome".

With "THE MISSING TRACKS", Verplanken delivers an outstanding and original album brimming with emotional richness. With such a convincing result, he might reconcile the public with contemporary music often described as cold, intellectual and elitist.


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