"Autopsy Of A Dream" is an introspective journey into the surrealist cognition of our human condition. An emotional exploration of sound styles including musique concrete, krautrock, and free-jazz. Verplanken embraces diverse references ranging from psychedelic electronica to the minimalist movement, citing influences from Pink Floyd and Philip Glass. Listen out for the sound design on "Last Interlude", combining gritty footsteps with micro-noise and ambient drones. The album features nine mysterious compositions based on several abstract ideas and conceptual metaphors.


"Between atmospheric electronic music and psychedelic recycling, Verplanken's new album is certainly a singular work in contemporary production. The 9-track album shows us different atmospheres that feature the vicissitudes of the human condition. An ambitious project that plunges us into 37 minutes of music practice sometimes close to experimental music, sometimes looking like stylistic exercises. With a rather minimalist approach, the band openly draws its inspiration from Pink Floyd and Philip Glass. The result is a very sensible and often hypnotic production. The outstanding tracks are certainly “Sputnik Ghost Dance” which has something to do with Kraftwerk, the heavy “Last Interlude” or “Keep Your Light On” that rapidly concludes the album with synthetic organ in the background. It goes without saying that “Autopsy Of A Dream” is mainly dedicated to people keen on experimental electronic music, but not only them …".

( - BELGIUM - Translated from French into English)


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